"The course far exceeded my expectations from the food to your hospitality, to the actual respirometry lessons. I now feel confident to begin using this powerful tool to ask important questions. Thanks for all your help." -- Jonathan Shik, University of Oklahoma
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Sable Systems announces Respirometry Course XIV

May 20th, 2010

Twice a year, Sable Systems offers the only respirometry training program - by scientists, for scientists. The course covers the basics of respirometry, system configuration and setup, and data acquisition and analysis – all with a 4 to 1 student to instructor ratio.  Experimental animals include, arthropods, small reptiles, mice, rats, small birds, humans and other study animals upon request. Both Sable Systems and non-Sable Systems equipment are used, and provides a practical but thorough introduction to precision respirometry that will save participants weeks or months of trial and error. Emphasis is placed not only on the practical aspects of respirometry, but also on the correct use of respirometry equations.

The fourteenth respirometry course will be held at Sable Systems' Las Vegas location on October 19-22. 

If you would like more information about the course, please contact Eric Fox at 702-269-4445 or efox@sablesys.com.

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