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Fall 2012 Respirometry Course Scheduled

July 29th, 2011

Respirometry Training Course

Energy is the currency of life. Documenting energy flow is central to the biological sciences, impacting disciplines from ecosystems ecology through biomedicine to cell biology. Respirometry, also called indirect calorimetry, is the tool of choice for assessing energy flow in in living creatures. Respirometry is relatively simple in theory but daunting in practice. To support the use of this invaluable technique, Sable Systems offers training courses in respirometry.

Anyone interested in physiology (pure or applied), quantitative ecology, biomedicine, or any scientific discipline involving animals as model systems, will benefit from this course. It is ideal for anyone needing expertise in respirometry, whether they are established researchers, students or technicians. Courses include all aspects of the subject from designing a respirometry system, plumbing it, and acquiring data from it, to analyzing the data, reducing and transforming the analyzed data, and performing statistical operations (linear and power regressions, ANOVA, ANCOVA, etc.) on the reduced data. Teaching is by lecture and demonstration and direct hands-on work by participants. To facilitate hands-on work, courses are limited to ten participants.

Dr. John Lighton, who is an author of over 80 publications using respirometry as a central methodology, teaches the course. He is the author of the definitive textbook of animal respirometry, "Measuring Metabolic Rates: A Manual for Scientists", published by Oxford University Press.

The next course will be held at Sable Systems Headquarters December 4th-7th. Contact us for registration information and a prospectus for the course.


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