Field Line

Sable Field line instruments are high performance research grade instruments designed for rigorous, rugged field work. Each instrument is housed in an all-weather, virtually-indestructible carry case – allowing you to grab-and-go to virtually any research environment. They are equally at home in bench-top applications, providing you the same high level of performance as our Sable Classic line of instruments. And they can easily be interfaced to Sable Expedata software for advanced data acquisition and analysis.

Rugged Reliability – Sable portable field systems integrate the highest quality gas analyzers into a compact, lightweight and virtually indestructible carrying case.

Preservation of Raw Data – Your actual study data is preserved in original form with high resolution, ensuring full traceability for GLP compliance or peer review. Other systems permanently alter your collected data, preventing study validation or re-analysis.

Water Vapor Compensation Option – Sable calorimetry systems can measure water vapor dilution directly, eliminating sample gas drying and significantly increasing accuracy.

Push or Pull-Mode Indirect Calorimetry – Provides maximum flexibility of system configuration to meet diverse research needs.

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