Circadian Studies

The circadian clock is crucial in many biological processes including energy balance. Long-term circadian disruptions are associated with premature mortality, obesity, impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes, psychiatric disorders, anxiety, depression, and cancer progression.  Short-term disruptions are associated with susceptibility to illness, fatigue, and loss of concentration, all of which effect quality of life, productivity, and lifespan.

Therefore, understanding how short- and long-term circadian disruptions affect the physiology of humans and animals will help to understand the etiology and progression of diseases as well as day-to-day well-being.

Important System Considerations

  • Food and water intake with automated access control; paired or yoked feeding capacity
  • Activity monitors
  • Running wheel
  • Environmental control of for light/dark cycle and temperature
  • Metabolic measurement capability (RER, VO2, VCO2)

Sable SOlutions

Promethion Core Line

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Relevant Publications

Relevant Publications