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NEW: FMS Field Metabolic System

The FMS is a fully integrated respirometry system about the size of a shoebox. The FMS combines O2, CO2, and H2O analysis with data acquisition and subsample flow control and measurement. Whether in the lab or field, the FMS has all the versatility needed in a respirometry system without compromising accuracy.

Published on September 30th, 2016|Product Page|

MAVEn™ System for Small Insect Flow-Through Respirometry

The Sable MAVEn™ system is an integrated, compact 16-channel flow generator for small insect flow-through respirometry. Each flow is pushed through a sealed container holding a subject animal. The system automatically selects the air flows from each chamber in succession, with optional baseline interleaving, and directs that air flow to external gas analyzers.

Published on July 21st, 2016|Product Page|

FLIC Drosophila Behavior System

The FLIC system provides a precise and continuous quantification of the number and duration of interactions a fly has with food. It complements conventional methods of analysis, such as the CAFE assay and tracer dye approaches, by allowing comprehensive long-term studies of new and subtle aspects of feeding behavior.

Published on April 15th, 2016|Product Page|

ESA Environmental Sensor Array

The Promethion ESA provides the unique ability to detect subtle or significant signals in the experimental operating environment that may influence research quality or confound its analysis. You will be able to see and document possible triggers for anomalous animal or cellular behaviors that typically go unexplained, including intrusive disturbances, variations in temperature or barometric pressure, and the impact of sound or light level. Information captured is integrated and synchronized with Sable’s Promethion MetaScreen, CaloScreen or SableScreen data collection and analysis software applications, allowing researchers to correlate environmental changes with study data. It can be teamed with any Promethion system for use in mouse and rat metabolic phenotyping, room calorimetry, genomics, metabolomics, cellular metabolism studies and more.

Published on April 15th, 2016|Product Page|

ADX-Classic Activity Detector

The ADX-C activity detector rests underneath the animal cage and records a range of vibrations (from shivering to running) and transforms it into an index of activity. The ADX-C will determine and measure the timing and magnitude of movement of animals ranging from large insects to squirrels. Each ADX reader manages up to 24 channels, and multiple readers can be connected to a system.

Published on April 14th, 2016|Product Page|

FlowKit Mass Flow Generator

The FlowKit™ is an integrated low-noise pump and mass flow generator that accurately, quietly and economically provides large flow rates. It’s designed for applications such as large animal respirometry or air circulation in small, controlled environments. Available in 3 different models – the FK-100, FK-500 and FK-2000 – for flow ranges of 5-100, 50-500, or 400-2000 liters per minute. The FlowKit relies on modulating a powerful but quiet pump in order to create the set mass flow rate. Ultra-efficient PID (proportional integral derivative) control is used for quick response to setpoint changes and minimal variation from the setpoint. As a result, the pump works only as hard as it has to, greatly reducing pump wear, power consumption and noise. A sub-sampling pump simplifies plumbing to a respirometry system, and features both analog and serial outputs for easy connection to a data acquisition system. The FlowKit requires no temperature or barometric pressure correction because it generates mass or molar flow rates already corrected to STP. It also features a user-configurable alarm to alert users locally and remotely if a fault develops. The FlowKit is powered from 24 VDC (universal adapter supplied) and can be operated from an optional battery pack for field use.

Published on September 17th, 2014|Product Page|

FoxBox Respirometry System

The Foxbox is a field portable combined oxygen and carbon dioxide analysis instrument including a variable pump and mass flow meter integrated into a compact, dustproof, waterproof case. Equally at home in the lab or the field, the Foxbox is the core of a complete respirometry system.

Published on September 17th, 2014|Product Page|

Battery Pack

The Sable Battery Pack is the ideal way to power the Sable FoxBox, FMS or other small instruments in the field. This handy accessory is compact, lightweight, and provides long-lasting power. For example, the Battery Pack will power a FoxBox running at a flow rate of 500 mL/minute for about 10 hours. Using the universal charger, you can recharge the battery pack to full capacity in about 2 hours.

Published on September 17th, 2014|Product Page|