Sable Systems International is proud to announce the introduction of the new Mouse Respirometry Treadmill. “This new treadmill further expands the capabilities of our cutting-edge pull-mode respirometry systems, delivering industry-best response time” said Robbin Turner, CEO. “Our goal is to provide researchers with the most accurate picture of metabolic changes during exercise.”

The Mouse Respirometry Treadmill provides precise and accurate VO2, RQ and RER measurements,revealing changes in energy expenditure and fuel use at different speeds and inclines. According to Monica Berlanga, Ph.D., Sable Product Manager, “Our treadmill design overcomes the challenges of measuring metabolic rate in rodents during exercise, including eliminating sample contamination by the investigator’s breath as well as the air-boundary layer that traps expired gasses on the treadmill belt at higher speeds.” To learn more, click here.