Promethion Core

Cutting edge performance, scalability and workflow!

NEWThe new Promethion Core™ is the first and only metabolic and behavioral measurement system that utilizes modern digital and computer technology to deliver the highest resolution data regardless of study size. This enables greater statistical power with fewer animals and simultaneous testing of more hypotheses. Multiple Promethion Core 16-cage systems can be networked together for unmatched parallel processing power and highest reproducibility. Real-time animal data are available from the web browser-based data management application, and can be accessed securely via wired or wireless Ethernet from desktop or mobile devices.

SableHD™ High Definition Technology is built into each Promethion Core™ system, allowing labs to capture respirometry data at 0.001% (O2) to 0.0001% (CO2) resolution or better – setting the standard that no other analyzers can match. Researchers can see every aspect of metabolism and behavior more clearly, with finer detail, quality and trustworthiness.

The Promethion Core™ system is based on individual wheeled rack modules, independent mass flow controllers, analyzers, pumps, and an onboard real-time acquisition and analysis module. Each rack features a one-hour battery backup for uninterrupted data acquisition in the event of power interruption. Backward compatibility allows standard Promethion customers to cost-effectively integrate the new Promethion Core™ system into their lab.

Utilizing the revolutionary IM-3 Acquisition Engine, Promethion Core™ eliminates the need for a PC to acquire data. This technology utilizes cutting-edge computer architecture to provide sufficient processing power for any length and size of experiment you can design. The IM-3 platform offers the same world leading temporal resolution as standard Promethion systems with the added benefits of near-infinite expandability while reducing your cost per cage. It’s configured in a standalone closed network (intranet) that can only be accessed by permitted devices.

The system allows for synchronized data collection of metabolic and behavioral measurements in studies ranging from 16 to hundreds of animals, while still providing a cage environment for the animals to thrive and behave naturally, giving you better, more reliable data. Eight-cage configurations for temperature controlled studies are also available.

New magnetic mounts for the mass measurement modules simplify cage maintenance. The water-tight instrumentation housing allows the entire rack – including gas analyzers and flow control instrumentation – to be run through the cage washer for easy cleaning.


For more information about the new Promethion Core™ system, contact Sable System in the US at (800) 330-0465 or Outside the US, contact us at one of our worldwide offices.