Promethion Line

Promethion systems capture synchronized metabolic and behavioral information, yielding a highly-resolved and uniquely rich data stream. We offer multiplexed systems with multiple cages sharing a gas analyzer chain, offering cycle times up to ten times faster than conventional systems. If you need still faster metabolic measurement rates, we offer parallel continuous systems pairing each cage with its own flow generator and gas analyzers.

Systems are available for either mice or rats and can even be configured for large animals and human room calorimetry experiments. Sable’s modular system concept allows you to configure a system for your exact needs today, with the flexibility to expand and change the system as your research questions evolve.


Promethion Systems offer these unique capabilities:

SableHD™ High Definition Technology is built into each Promethion system, allowing you to capture data at 0.001 to 0.0001 resolution or better – setting the standard that no other analyzers can match.  You’ll see every aspect of metabolism and / or behavior more clearly, with finer detail, quality and trustworthiness.  All of your critical measurements and analyses are captured and recorded more frequently and to a higher level.  Combined with Sable’s unexcelled accuracy and precision, you’ll have complete confidence in your data. You’ll avoid the pitfalls associated with low-resolution analyzers, such as massive data averaging to compensate for poor signal stability, data inconsistencies from one study to the next, data drift, and poor reliability of data. Using SableHD™ technology, your study gets done right the first time, without the fear of having to rerun your entire study.

Raw Data Storage means there are no secret algorithms, or hidden pre-conditioning of data, just data that is transparent and fully traceable. The parameters important for your research can be extracted any way you like – energy expenditure, metabolic substrate selection, food and water uptake, meal and drinking patterns, position, total activity and wheel-running, live body mass – even fully automated behavioral analysis is possible.  All information is perfectly synchronized to the system’s heartbeat of one second. Nothing is ever lost again. If you decide to reanalyze the collected data or verify/validate for QC purposes, the original data is fully accessible in its original highly resolved state.

Water Vapor Dilution Compensation allows you to avoid sample gas drying and significantly increase accuracy of results.  This is made possible by the sensitive, stable water vapor pressure analyzer built into each Promethion gas analyzer. The system uses the readings from the water vapor pressure analyzer, together with data from the analyzer’s barometric pressure sensor, to perform water vapor dilution compensation for O2 and CO2 concentrations, plus flow rate correction for the presence of water vapor.

Pull-Mode Flow Generators (patent pending) for mouse or rat cages allow the use of essentially any standard live-in cage bottom for measurement.  All you have to do is to replace the lid. No handling of the mouse, no unfamiliar new environment.  This is a significant advancement over conventional systems, which use sealed metabolic cages – causing stress effects and requiring long acclimation times.

Fully Configured Systems are designed for a broad range of applications, including metabolic phenotyping, behavioral analysis, calorimetry, respirometry, or gas analysis.  Multiplexed or continuous, for mice, rats or humans, we offer a range of Promethion systems to accomplish your research goals.

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