Materials Science

Exceptionally precise instrumentation and experimental techniques are required to measure small signal flux of byproducts from synthesis or decomposition reactions. And, measurement of emissions or consumption occurs against a background of atmospheric O2 and CO2 variations. Controlled atmospheres may also be required. Whether the application must measure or control a physical or bio-physical process, ultimately, high-resolution equipment is a no-compromise requirement.

Important System Considerations

  • Analyzer accuracy, resolution and stability, reliability
  • Analog and RS-232 outputs for integration with any data acquisition or process control system
  • Complete system solutions including data acquisition and analysis software

Sable SOlutions

Classic Line

Sable Classic line instruments provide the ultimate combination of performance and flexibility in in the measurement and control of gas, flow, humidity, temperature and pressure. We offer a broad range of devices that can be configured as a…
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Relevant Publications

Relevant Publications

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