Promethion Core Behavioral System, Rat

Comprehensive rat behavior measurements for research

Promethion Core Behavioral System, Rat

Comprehensive rat behavior measurements for research

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Features      Description     Specs      Downloads     Contact Us     Sable Enables


  • High-resolution behavioral phenotyping system (1 Hz) including wheel running, cage movement, eating, and drinking
  • Customizable configurations specific to research applications (e.g., two water bottles for liquid choice studies)
  • Programmable access control for food hoppers or water bottles enables many ingestive behavior applications
  • Compatible with telemetry, optogenetic, and other 3rd party equipment
  • Real-time system monitoring & experiment analysis by Promethion Live software
  • The system can be expanded to include metabolic phenotyping


Capture and analyze a wide range of behaviors 

The Promethion Behavioral Phenotyping System analyzes rat behaviors in real time with second-by-second data acquisition from all sensors.  The system is configurable with devices for ingestive behavior studies and activity including cage movement and wheel running.  Programmable food and water access control units provide the capability for paired or yoked, time and duration, food or drink choice, or behavior-based reward studies. Analysis of the high-resolution data can discern subtle behaviors relevant to your investigations that would otherwise be missed by less precise systems.

The entire system is compact and self-contained to save valuable lab space, allowing up to 8 cages in an environmental cabinet or rack. Your workflow is efficient with swappable components and magnetic mounts for quick exchange of hoppers and measurement devices. The system is expandable to enable temperature/light-controlled studies with our Environmental Control Cabinet or synchronously connect 3rd party telemetry and optogenetic systems.

The new Promethion Live software enables you to control all aspects of your study.  The simplified interface maximizes experiment success with intuitive system and experiment setup. Status indicators for vital components verify system performance. Constant monitoring of all parameters means you will always know the well-being of each animal. Routine study configurations can be easily saved and reused.

With Promethion Live, you can explore comparative trends during an experiment looking at every facet measured, such as activity, food consumption and water consumption (see chart below). The software even provides real-time display of group mean, median,  standard deviation, standard error, range, and interquartile range for all measured parameters. Additionally, markers can be added to the real time data to highlight regions such as “start of treatment” and “end of treatment”.  Data capture can be stopped during animal welfare checks to prevent excessive activity measurements.  You are empowered with the experiment and animal information needed to make key decisions at any time, from any place.

Real-time food, water, and activity for every animal in the study

Research Applications

  • Circadian studies
  • Caloric restriction studies
  • Food or drink choice studies
  • Position analysis
  • High fat diet studies
  • Thermoneutrality, brown adipose tissue studies
  • Activity and exercise studies

System Accessories

  • Home cage environment
  • Food and water access control units
  • Mass measurement of food and water
  • Body mass measurement of the mouse
  • Dual access control lid
  • XYZ beam break array (measures activity and rearing behavior)
  • Environmental control cabinet
  • Environmental Sensor Array (ESA)
  • Telemetry (heart rate and body temperature)
  • Running wheel with wheel stop
  • Specialized food grills

View map of Promethion Core and Promethion Room Calorimetry academic installations


Please refer to individual components for specifications, or contact Customer Support.


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