Business Policies

Non-Discrimination and Non-Disclosure Policy; Selection of Clientele, Protection of the Business Relationship and Ethical Business Practice.

  1. SABLE SYSTEMS does not discriminate in business relationships based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin of another person, company or entity.
  2. SABLE SYSTEMS reserves the right to select our clientele. Sable Systems (the Company) may decline to provide service and/or products to any current or future customer if it is deemed in our sole judgment not to be in the best interests of the company. This includes persons considered to be agents for competitors or any others who have in any way threatened harm to the company or who, on the basis of evidence or reasoned belief may potentially threaten harm to the company. This policy, where it is applicable, supersedes any other policy relating to the Company’s interactions with clients.
  3. SABLE SYSTEMS may also select or reject provision of product or service to a current or future customer/client on the basis of third party financial assessment or on an evaluation within the company of the customer’s ability to pay in a timely fashion.
  4. SABLE SYSTEMS reserves the right to accommodate any special request from our clientele.
  5. SABLE SYSTEMS complies with Federal Law in regard to controls on the provision of certain products and technology to foreign entities. The company reserves the right to decline accommodation of any special request from our clientele that is not otherwise offered by the company, should such a special request be deemed not to be in the best interests of the company or if it may be outside the scope of the law.
  6. SABLE SYSTEMS is willing to inform any person or organization, to the best of its knowledge, about the country of origin of all of its product’s components as, for example, is required by companies subject to the NAFTA convention. However, the company takes no official or functional position on international or national boycotts. It is the company policy, unless superseded by Federal law or mandate, not to engage in agreements that bind it to any national or international boycott (also see article IX below). This includes terms and conditions in any contract or financial transaction.
  7. SABLE SYSTEMS respects ALL of our customers and their right to determine their own set of business principles and processes. Therefore, in the spirit of cooperation, facilitation of free trade, and non-interference, Sable Systems may in future publish a list of the known countries of origin of our products’ components and update that list as more information becomes known.
  8. It is the policy of SABLE SYSTEMS not to disclose to a third party any information that has been shared by a past, current or future client who has indicated that the information they disclosed is considered to be  proprietary. Our customers privilege of privacy is paramount to our good business relationships and to the ongoing integrity of our company.
  9. SABLE SYSTEMS is required to abide by Federal Law enforced by the Department of Commerce that makes it a criminal offense subject to penalties up to $50,000, five years in jail and revocation of export licenses if a company based in the United States fails to report any person or client who inquires whether Israel is the country of origin of any product we sell or resell. By United States law, any receipt of boycott requests against Israel must be reported to Department of Commerce enforcement.
  10. SABLE SYSTEMS does not favor any client over any other for any reason except as supply and procurement delays or standard production economies may adjust or offset delivery schedules from our usual first come, first served policy.  Requests for agreements which would in fact or could potentially cause harm to another customer or group of customers will be rejected.