Flowbar-8 Mass Flow Meter System

Multi-channel mass flow meter in 4- and 8-channel configurations

Flowbar-8 Mass Flow Meter System

Multi-channel mass flow meter in 4- and 8-channel configurations

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Features      Description     Specs      Downloads     Contact Us     Sable Enables


  • Linearized mass flow meters
  • Available in 4 or 8 channel configuration
  • Pull or push gas streams
  • Analog and serial data outputs
  • Intuitive Menu System
  • Internal 16-bit A/D conversion
  • Barometric pressure compensation
  • Digital filtration


The FlowBar-8 is a multi-channel mass flow instrument designed primarily for push mode respirometry applications.   Precision needle valves accurately set flow rates with a resolution of 1 milliliter per minute.  This instrument is available in four- or eight-channel configuration with standard flow ranges of 0-2 or 0-5 liters per minute.  It’s ideal for measuring the flow to multiple test chambers (accuracy <2% of reading) or to accurately divide a single input flow into multiple outputs.

The Flowbar-8 solves the problem of providing accurately measured mass flow rates to multiple locations, such as respirometer chambers in a multi-animal system.  Mass flow rates are automatically compensated for temperature and pressure, and yield STP flow rates without further calculation.  It can also eavesdrop on signals from our flow multiplexer, selecting the flow rate corresponding to the selected flow channel.  A serial flow rate output is also available.

The input gas flow can be from any source, such as a pump, gas cylinder or compressor.


Accuracy and Resolution: 2% of reading typical from 25 – 2000 ml/minute; displayed resolution 0.1 ml/minute under 100 ml/minute, 1 mL/minute above
Analog Outputs: 0 – 5V.  8 dedicated, 1 multiplexed
Connections: Nickel plated barb fittings for 1/8″ (3 mm) ID flexible or semi-rigid tubing; other fittings available to special order
Flow Control: Manual needle valves
Panel Display: Digital, 4 x 16 alphanumeric LCD
Range: 0 – 2000mL/min
Readout: Simultaneous display of all 8 flow rates
Serial Data Output: RS232-8N1, baud rate adjustable from 9600-115200, polled or broadcast at user definable intervals from 0.2 – 600 seconds
Recommended Calibration Interval: 1 Year
Power Requirements: 12 – 24VDC (12 VDC nominal), universal adapter supplied
Dimensions (W x D x H): 12 x 12 x 6 in. (30.5 x 30.5 x 15.2 cm)
Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)


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