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Promethion High-Definition Room Calorimetry System

Sable System’s Promethion whole room indirect calorimetry system synchronously records all measured parameters in a completely traceable manner. Key components of this system include the GA-3m2 triple gas O2, CO2, and H2O dual path analyzer with FG-250 flow generator, providing a compact and complete respirometry system.


  • System analyzers designed specifically for metabolic measurement, as compared to repurposed industrial gas analyzers used by other systems 
  • Versatile system can quickly be modified for use with mask or canopy configurations for specialized measurements
  • Highly integrated, temperature-stabilized design provides robust and reliable operation
  • Pull mode design simplifies converting existing room into a calorimetry chamber
  • Direct water vapor measurement and compensation using Dalton’s Law – no failure-prone water vapor scrubbers
  • Monitors input and output air streams for precise gas analysis
  • Background baselining provides uninterrupted data acquisition 
  • System validation can be performed using either methanol, ethanol, butane, propane-burn or nitrogen dilution

worldwide installations

indirect calorimetry monitoring

Indirect calorimetry monitoring of VO2, VCO2 and RER for 20 hours using Sable Promethion room calorimetry system. Subject rode stationary bike for 30 minutes at hours 4 and 5. Gray shading indicates lights out phase.

Optional Components

Canopy with Veil

for metabolic measurement during rest in non-whole room environment

Two-Way Non-Rebreathing Mask

for metabolic measurement during exercise in non-whole room environment

ESA Environmental Sensor Array

provides real-time measurements of humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, light, movement, and sound within the room

By Scientists, For Scientists

Sable room calorimetry systems are designed by our team of published scientific experts in metabolic measurement. Sable founder, John R. Lighton, PhD, wrote the book on metabolic measurement: Measuring Metabolic Rates – A Manual for Scientists. Our support team is comprised of PhD-level specialists to support you from initial system configuration, through installation, training and ongoing use. 

We partner with experts in room design specifically for room calorimetry including Dr. Russel Rising at D&S Consulting.

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Learn more & see real-world energy expenditure data from Promethion

Promethion Room Calorimetry System Brochure

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