MA-10 Methane Analyzer

Measures CH4 in applications from respirometry to industrial gas monitoring

MA-10 Methane Analyzer

Measures CH4 in applications from respirometry to industrial gas monitoring

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Features      Description     Specs      Downloads     Contact Us     Sable Enables


  • Ideal for applications requiring low drift, versatility and reliability
  • Wide range 0-10%, high resolution 0.0001%
  • Dual wavelength infrared technology
  • Barometric pressure compensated
  • Not sensitive to flow rate changes


The MA-10 Methane Analyzer is a fast-responding CH4 analyzer with a wide measurement range (0-10%) combined with high resolution. It’s ideal for constant volume/stop-flow and flow-through respirometry of methane-producing organisms.

Barometric pressure compensation is standard. Direct modulation of the infrared source translates to greater ruggedness and reliability. The optical bench is differential (dual-wavelength), reducing drift and practically eliminating sensitivity to water vapor. Our proprietary optical bench uses a low volume, gold over nickel plated optical path and the highest quality machining, with premium emitter, differential detector and optical filtration components.

The MA-10 methane analyzer is easily interfaced to any data acquisition system or data-logger. Eleven ranges of voltage proportional to carbon dioxide concentration or partial pressure, plus multi-range outputs proportional to barometric pressure and optical path temperature, are available at the rear panel from high-quality BNC connectors.  A serial output is standard.

Operation is intuitive and flexible, with all functions accessible via high quality rotary encoders. Adjustments and settings are permanently retained in the absence of power.


Accuracy and Resolution: At constant temperature, accuracy better than 1% of calibrated span, 0 – 10% methane; Resolution to 1 ppm/0.0001%
Analog Outputs: 0 – 5 Volts, adjustable from 0 – 100 ppm/10 Pa, to 0 – 20%/kPa methane in eleven ranges, plus separate outputs for optical bench temperature and barometric pressure, 4 ranges each; short circuit protected
Concentration Range: 0% to 10% CH4
Display: Digital, 2 x 16 alphanumeric LCD
Flow Rates: 5 – 2000+ mL/min recommended flow rate from 20 – 500 mL/min
Noise and Drift: At constant temperature, flow rate and CH4 concentration – Noise < 3 ppm RMS (10 second digital filtration setting), drift < 0.01% over 24 hours
Readout: Line 1 – CH4 concentration to 1 ppm, 0.001% or 0.01%, depending on concentration; or partial pressure of CH4; Line 2 – barometric pressure to 0.001 kPa.
Serial I/O: RS232-8N1; both polled and broadcast modes available
Technology: Dual wavelength infrared with gold-plated optical path
Temperature Range: Operating, 18 to 45 C, non-condensing relative humidity
Recommended Calibration Interval: 1 Year
Power Requirements: 12 – 24 VDC; universal adapter supplied
Dimensions (W x D x H): 12 x 12 x 4 in. (30.5 x 30.5 x 10.2 cm)
Weight: 5 lb (3 kg)


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