The disease of obesity accounts for, directly or indirectly, reduced quality of life of affected individuals and imposes substantial societal economic costs.  Obesity is not only an underpinning of major chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes, to name a few, but can be a serious debilitating condition in its own right.  Research into obesity comes from multiple disciplines ranging from clinical practice to translational research to molecular and cellular biology.

Obesity affects all physiological systems. Therefore, comprehensive metabolic and behavioral phenotyping is essential to understanding the complex origins of obesity and how to treat it.

Important System Considerations

Animal Research

  • Food and water intake with automated access control; paired or yoked feeding capacity
  • Activity monitoring in a home cage environment
  • Stress free body mass measurement in a home cage environment
  • Meal pattern analysis
  • Micro-event data acquisition for high-resolution analysis of ingestion and other behaviors
  • Metabolism measurement
  • Specific nutrient utilization measurement
  • Temperature regulation

Human Research

  • Human room calorimetry
  • Activity monitoring

Sable SOlutions

Stable Isotope Gas Analyzer

Continuous measurement of 13C and 18O isotopes in exhaled breath The new Stable Isotope Gas Analyzer is a cutting-edge upgrade to our standard Promethion™ systems, allowing simultaneous measurement of stable isotope tracers synchronously with the Promethion data stream…
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Relevant Publications

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