Promethion Live Software Platform

Real time monitoring of animal welfare and experiment progress

Promethion Live Software Platform

Real time monitoring of animal welfare and experiment progress

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Features      Description     Specs      Downloads     Contact Us     Sable Enables


  • Live access to study and animal information to allow real-time decision making
  • Intuitive setup screen simplifies input of all cage and device parameters,
  • Input of animal specific data enables animal tracking and real-time cohort analysis
  • Access to fully transparent and traceable raw data for future data mining
  • Continuous monitoring of system performance, animal welfare and data quality
  • Flexible real-time analysis and visualization of grouped data
  • Templates simplify study setup while enhancing consistency and quality control
  • One-click calibration ensures accurate respirometry measurements (taken from brochure)
  • Data export to CSV files or SVG graphs for simplified analysis and presentation of study data
  • Secure mobile access from any device to remotely view your experiment at any time


Promethion Live software provides full system control and real-time monitoring of your study information, from system setup to data acquisition, data evaluation and reporting. You’ll have live oversight of animal welfare and system performance, allowing you to intercede immediately if needed.

Promethion Live is the only system software that allows live access to grouped data, so you can evaluate study progress during the experiment and spot potential setup errors early in your timeline. Grouped data may be presented as either the mean or median +/- standard deviation or standard error for statistical analysis.

Automated calibration and simplified experiment setup or loading of existing setup templates make it easy to start an experiment. For reporting and presentations, data export can be set up for any time range within an on-going or completed study and output in CSV data or SVG graphic formats. All raw and calculated study data is recorded for transparency, traceability, and future data mining.

Set Up and Start an Experiment Within Minutes

The intuitive user interface allows fast setup of your study. Configurations can be stored and re-used, further saving time. New configurations can quickly be built by modifying existing ones. The software even includes one-click calibration.

Evaluate System Status at a Glance

1. Promethion Live Software continually monitors all cages and informs the user when a parameter is outside an acceptable range. This allows real-time error identification and handling during an experiment. With the remote access capability, monitoring can be done from virtually anywhere 24 hours a day.

2. The System Status screen uses color coding to highlight the source of potential system errors.

3. Clicking on the error source provides specific details, such as cage components. The system can even identify when food and water containers need refilling.

Monitor Animal Welfare 24/7

Promethion Live software provides viewing of individual animal data, providing caretakers with “at-a-glance” verification of drinking, eating and activity. These individualized views can be for any parameter measured.

Any data from the system can be pulled into a template and saved for use by any caretaker.

Real-time Analysis of Live Data

Promethion Live makes the analysis and evaluation of complex metabolic data easy. Select individual animals and parameters to compare or define groups of animals for direct visualization of cohort-specific differences.  Real-time recordings can be viewed while an experiment is in progress or downloaded directly as a .csv file at any point during an experiment. Temporal resolution can also be adjusted maximizing flexibility for short or long-term studies. Patterns of activity that correlate with circadian cycles (for example lights on/off) are readily detectable with the gray and white columns in the graphical display. Editable templates and configurations allow for creating and saving specific reports.

For statistical evaluation, animals can be grouped with the data displayed as mean or median and with standard deviation or standard error. Data can be binned in any interval and can be exported in CSV data or SVG (graphics) formats.


The lines are the grouped mean data over time and the shaded areas are the standard deviation over time.

Promethion Live software provides control and recording of Promethion/ Promethion Core components and peripheral devices, including:

  • Flow Generators
  • Gas Analyzers
  • Cage Sensors
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Group-Housed Caging Systems
  • Stable Isotope Analyzer


Promethion Core with the Cab-8 option
Promethion Core with the Cab-8 option

High Content Metabolic Phenotyping

Promethion Live integrates multiparameter metabolic and behavioral phenotyping data for comprehensive evaluation. This includes data from our Stable Isotope Analyzer and our new Methane Analyzer. These high-resolution metabolic and behavioral data are synchronized with each other enabling correlative studies. For an even deeper understanding of the experiment, these data may also be synchronized with other analytical modalities such as telemetry-based body temperature measurements or continuous glucose monitoring measurements.

Export Data

You can export your data in CSV format for statistical or visualization analysis by 3rd party software applications. The heat map (below) localizing animal position was prepared using R (Copyright © 2020 The R Foundation for Statistical Computing). R scripts are available from Sable Customer Support.

View map of Promethion Core and Promethion Room Calorimetry academic installations


Computer requirements
·       Computer or processor: 1 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86 processor
·       Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
·       Storage space: Minimum 7.5 Mb for program files (excludes data file storage)
·       Memory: 2GB or higher
·       Interface: Serial port or USB for port emulation required for acquisition (Serial to USB Adapter provided)
Acquisition features (requires additional hardware):
·       Analog interface: 12 channels
·       Maximum channels: 96
·       Maximum samples: Unrestricted*
·       Event markers: Unrestricted*
·       Digital control outputs: 8, TTL
·       Maximum digital control events: Unrestricted*
·       Voltage outputs: 2, 12-bit (0-5V)
·       Digital data acquisition: Yes (requires included plug-in programs)
·       Device regulation utility: Yes
·       Serial output for device control: Yes
·       Maximum file remarks: 1,000,000*
*Up to allowable system and virtual memory
Analysis features:
·      Input data formats: SCCF (ExpeData), ASCII text, Clipboard
·      Data section selection: Manual, automated by marker, automated by criterion
·      Automatable data selection: Lowest, highest, and most level sections
·      Data transformations: Linear models, non-linear models, general expressions using multiple channels
·      Drift correction: Linear and non-linear models, automatable
·      Span correction: Yes (to user provided value)
·      Statistics on selected data: Mean (with std. dev., SEM, N, etc.), area, linear regression (with slope, intercept, std. errs.)
·      Basic statistical tools: Yes (incorporated into spreadsheet)
·      Data export to other formats: Comma delimited text, tab delimited text, direct to Excel


·      Macro utility: Unrestricted length, up to 20 distinct scripts per macro file
Computer requirements
·      Computer or processor: 1 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86 processor
·      Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
·      Storage space: Minimum 7.5 MB for program files (excludes data file storage)
·      Data file storage: Dependent on System Size (Approx. 50-100 MB per day)
·      Memory: 2GB or higher (4GB recommended)
·      Interface: USB 2.0 port
Required Devices
·      IM-3: USB to Sable Bus & Web-Based Interface Module
Supported Devices
·      CC-2: Cage Controller (Maximum 16)
·      MM-2: Mass Monitoring Device
·      AC-2: Food Access Control Door
·      BXYZ-M: Mouse Beam Break Array Activity Monitors
·      WHEEL-M: Mouse Wheel Rotation Counter
·      WHEEL STOP: Mouse Wheel Access Control (Unavailable with Rat cages)
·      ESA: Environmental Monitor
·      CGF: Combined Gas Analyzers and Flow Regulators
Acquisition Features
Sampling Rate: 1 Hz
·      Channels: Determined by system configuration
·      Automated calibration: Flow and Gas Analyzer Calibration


Promethion Live – Product Note

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