Thermal physiology spans diverse disciplines. Ecologists can establish the physiological criteria for species distribution. Hypothermic and hyperthermic consequences are of interest in comparative physiology and also in biomedical studies of obesity and diabetes. And tissue regeneration or drug efficacy can be indicated thermally and therapeutic countermeasures to inflammation or burn treatment can be evaluated.

Thermal measurement and control of an experimental environment is required whenever temperatures must be known and stabilized or where the change of temperature must be regulated.

Important System Considerations

  • Temperature measurement and control
  • Integrate with high-resolution calorimetry
  • Set setpoint to continuous value
  • Ramp and maintain at a setpoint, single shot or repeat ramps

Sable SOlutions

Pelt-5 Temperature Controller

The Sable Systems PELT-5 Peltier Effect Temperature Controller, plus one of our Peltier-effect cabinets or drop-ins (or your own custom Peltier effect setup) forms a complete temperature control system. The PELT-5 controller is a sophisticated standalone temperature controller…
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Promethion Core Line

The new Promethion Core™ is the first and only metabolic and behavioral measurement system that utilizes modern digital and computer technology to deliver the highest resolution data regardless of study size. This enables greater statistical power with fewer…
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Relevant Publications

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