Oxzilla FC-2 Differential Oxygen Analyzer

Detects very small changes in oxygen concentration between gas streams

Oxzilla FC-2 Differential Oxygen Analyzer

Detects very small changes in oxygen concentration between gas streams

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Features      Description     Specs      Downloads     Contact Us     Sable Enables


  • Ultra-high-resolution oxygen analyzer; detect the smallest oxygen concentration changes
  • Intuitive menu system backed by nonvolatile memory of user settings
  • Digital 4 x 16 alphanumeric LCD panel display
  • Analog and serial (RS231-8N1) outputs
  • Internal 24 bit A/D Conversion


The FC-2 dual-channel, differential oxygen analyzer (Oxzilla) is designed to detect even the smallest oxygen concentration changes between gas streams. Capable of measuring oxygen consumption from small insects, the FC-2 is the most sensitive, highest resolution analyzer in the Sable Classic product line.

The FC-2 oxygen analyzer is suitable for the most demanding oxygen measurements applications, such as Drosophila (fruit fly) metabolic measurement and atmospheric monitoring. It consists of two highly precise, temperature-controlled oxygen analyzers operating in parallel. It can therefore also be used as a dual-absolute oxygen analyzer.

Fully computerized and auto-diagnosing, the FC-2 differential O2 analyzer features an intuitive menu-driven interface that allows quick adjustment of any operating parameter. Calibration is an effortless, single-click operation. The FC-2 is fully self-contained and requires no external software or hardware to operate or calibrate. It is equipped with both analog and digital outputs for quick and easy interfacing with any data acquisition system.  And unique to Sable analyzers, barometric pressure compensation eliminates errors caused by ambient pressure variation.

The FC-2 line has become the world standard for ultra-sensitive, ultra-high-resolution oxygen analysis in critical applications such as atmospheric physics, small-animal respirometry, polymer oxidation and other fields where only the best is good enough. It has been widely cited in leading journals, including PNAS.


Accuracy and Resolution: At constant temperature, accuracy better than 0.1% of full scale, 1 – 100% oxygen, resolution 0.0001%O2; Barometric pressure accuracy better than 0.05% of full scale, resolution 0.0001 kPa
Digital Filtration: Settable from zero to 40 sec in 0.2 sec increments for 0 to 63% of a step change
Flow Rate: 10 – 500 ml/min, relatively insensitive to flow rate variations
Analog Outputs: Four BNC – channels 1 and 2, delta (1-2), and barometric pressure; multiple ranges for each, 0-5V optically isolated
Noise and Drift: At constant temperature, flow rate and oxygen concentration- Noise < 3 ppm RMS typical over 20 minutes (Digital Filtration 5 seconds). Drift < 0.01% over 24 hours
Operating Temperature: 5 – 45 C, relative humidity non-condensing humidity
Panel Display: Digital, 4 x 16 alphanumeric LCD
Readout: Line 1- Channel 1 O2 to 0.0001%; Line 2- Channel 2 O2 to 0.0001%; Line 3- Delta O2 to 0.0001%; Line 4- Barometric pressure to 0.0001 kPa
Power Requirements: 12 – 24 VDC, 8A; 12V universal adapter supplied
Range 0-100% O2 each channel; +/- 50% delta
Response time Dependent upon filter settings, < 7 sec typical
Serial Output RS232-8N1; broadcast mode
Dimensions (W x D x H): 17 x 14 x 8 in. (43.2 x 35.6 x 20.3 cm)
Weight: 14 lbs. (6.4 kg)
Technology: Dual fuel cell, up to 36 month life, user replaceable
Connections: Nickel plated barb fittings for 1/8in (3mm) i.d. flexible or semi-rigid tubing
Temperature Control: Resistive heating to 32C internal temperature, PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) control for optimum stability. PID parameters are adjustable by user


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