New Promethion Core™ Line

The new Promethion Core™ is the first and only metabolic and behavioral measurement system that utilizes modern digital and computer technology to deliver the highest resolution data regardless of study size. This enables greater statistical power with fewer animals and simultaneous testing of more hypotheses. Multiple Promethion Core 16-cage systems can be networked together for unmatched parallel processing power and highest reproducibility. Real-time animal data can be securely accessed via authorized desktop or mobile devices, including tablets and smart phones.

The system is based on individual wheeled racks comprised of 16 cages, independent mass flow controllers, analyzers, pumps, and onboard real-time acquisition and analysis module and local data storage. Labs can start with a single rack system and add additional racks as needs expand. Each rack features a one-hour battery backup in the event of power interruption or simply wheeling the rack from one location to another.

The Efficient System Management at the heart of Promethion Core’s innovative design, enables technicians to easily manage animals, maintain the cages and clean the system. Web-based tools allow easy diagnostic assessment per cage, per rack or across all racks. New magnetic mounts for the mass measurement modules simplify cage maintenance and workflow. The optional water-tight instrumentation housing allows the entire rack – including gas analyzers and flow control instrumentation – to be run through the cage washer for easy cleaning. The highly-integrated flow control and gas analysis system is modular, and individual components are hot swappable without requiring any system downtime. With the web interface, system setup is extremely fast and straightforward, making diagnostic and real-time data available when you need it.

Promethion Core rack mount CGF (combined gas analyzers and flow regulators) includes mass flow controllers, analyzers, pumps, and onboard real-time acquisition and analysis module with local data storage.

Utilizing the revolutionary IM-3 Acquisition Engine, Promethion Core™ eliminates the need for a PC to acquire data. This technology utilizes cutting-edge computer architecture to provide sufficient processing power for any length and size of experiment you can design.

Promethion technology enables these unique capabilities:

SableHD™ High Definition Technology is built into each Promethion Core™ system, allowing labs to capture respirometry data at 0.001% (O2) to 0.0001% (CO2) resolution or better – setting the standard that no other analyzers can match. Equally important, high flow rate allows complete exchange of cage air every 4 minutes (cage time constant). This pairing of high resolution AND high flow rate, combined with an innovative multiplexed design, enables meaningful sampling of each cage every 2.5 minutes. You get an 8-fold increase in study detail and granularity as compared to other leading metabolic systems that sample cage air every 20 minutes. Promethion’s digital platform updates once per second for all sensors in every cage – including position, intake, wheel running, body mass and more – creating a richer data stream. Researchers can see every aspect of metabolism and behavior more clearly, with higher quality and trustworthiness.

Raw Data Storage means there are no secret algorithms, or hidden pre-conditioning of data, just data that is transparent and fully traceable. The parameters important for your research can be extracted any way you like – energy expenditure, metabolic substrate selection, food and water uptake, meal and drinking patterns, position, total activity and wheel-running, live body mass – even fully automated behavioral analysis is possible. All information is perfectly synchronized to the system’s heartbeat of one second. Nothing is ever lost again. If you decide to reanalyze the collected data or verify/validate for QC purposes, the original data is fully accessible in its original highly resolved state.

Water Vapor Dilution Compensation allows you to avoid sample gas drying and significantly increase accuracy of results. This is made possible by the sensitive, stable water vapor pressure analyzer built into each Promethion gas analyzer. The system uses the readings from the water vapor pressure analyzer, together with data from the analyzer’s barometric pressure sensor, to perform water vapor dilution compensation for O2 and CO2 concentrations, plus flow rate correction for the presence of water vapor.

Pull-Mode Flow Generators (patent pending) for mouse or rat cages allow the use of essentially any standard live-in cage bottom for measurement. All you have to do is to replace the lid. No handling of the mouse, no unfamiliar new environment. This is a significant advancement over conventional systems, which use sealed metabolic cages – causing stress effects and requiring long acclimation times.

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