Promethion Core® Line

Promethion Core with the Cab-8 option

Promethion Core within our environmental cabinet

High-Resolution Behavioral and Metabolic Phenotyping Systems for Rodents

Promethion Core® is the only metabolic and behavioral phenotyping system that enables the tight synchronization of metabolic data with behavioral events. You will see every aspect of metabolism and behavior more clearly, with finer detail, quality, and repeatability—giving you complete confidence in your data.

See What Others Miss

Temporal Resolution Comparison: Promethion Core vs. Other Systems

Promethion Core multiplexed system allows you to realize the full benefit of high resolution performance. The data above shows the synchronization of bouts of running with energy expenditure. The EE graph shows sharp peaks and stable baselines enabling accurate active and resting energy expenditure calculation.

Competitors’ continuous systems limit your research capabilities by using old, low resolution technology. The graph above shows broad peaks and no baseline. Therefore, the energy expenditure values are inaccurate.

Promethion Core System

The Promethion Core system is typically comprised of 8 to 16 rat or mouse cages, independent mass flow controllers, analyzers, pumps, and the new Promethion Live Software Platform. Promethion Core hardware is mounted to the side of the environmental cabinet or rack, minimizing footprint while neatly organizing tubes and cords.

Efficient system management is at the heart of Promethion Core’s innovative design and enables technicians to easily manage animals and maintain the cages. Promethion Live software allows for easy setup and includes real time monitoring of animals with built in detection of empty food or water containers.

Mouse and rat systems may be housed on standard racks or within our environmental control cabinet.

Setup with Confidence

The Promethion Live™ software platform maximizes experiment success by verifying system performance and simplifying setup. One-step gas calibration ensures accurate respirometry measurements. User selectable configuration options are system specific. Status indicators of vital components verifies system performance. Routine experiment configurations are simply saved and simply reused. Smart setup delivers reliable experiments so that you can proceed with confidence.

Actionable Intelligence

Promethion Live empowers you with real time animal and system information needed to make key decisions at any time and from any place. You’ll have immediate access to the health and welfare information for each animal. By monitoring activity, ingestive behavior and weight change, you will know when to make adjustments.

Real Time Experiment Evaluation

Now you can explore comparative trends during an experiment looking at every facet measured, such as running activity, food consumption, or energy expended (data shown). The experiment result is no longer a black box to be opened at the end. Promethion Live provides the mean or median of grouped data for statistical comparison in real time. The data may be presented in real time or extracted for further evaluation.

Superior Cage Technology

Cage configurations can include food, water, and body mass, running wheel and activity detection monitors, food access control, telemetry, as well as access port capability for optogenetic lines.

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