Biomedical Research

Sable Enables Understanding and Discovery in Biomedical Research

SableHD™ technology meets the demands for ultimate performance (accuracy, precision and high sampling rate) and we couple this with ease-of-use from the cage designs to the analysis software, while providing unparalleled access to the raw data for quality control and pull-mode respirometry for ultimate safety of the animals. Sable Enables many pre-clinical and biomedical research applications today such as those listed here.

Before selling any system, we strive to understand your application. Our innovative instruments and analysis tools are then configured and, many times, customized for your application, providing you sound results and efficient workflow. We back our systems with superlative support and instruction from scientists for scientists… ensuring reliability of your data and greater insight into the analysis and interpretation of your study.

Biomedical research environments often demand not only exceptional instrument performance but requires high throughput, ease of use, uncompromised animal safety and quality control options for ensuring integrity of the data and research results.

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Sable instruments are very adaptable to new applications. Contact us to let us recommend a configuration for your application.