CAB-8 and CAB-16 Environmental Control Cabinets

Temperature and light control for your metabolism and behavior studies

CAB-8 and CAB-16 Environmental Control Cabinets

Temperature and light control for your metabolism and behavior studies

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Features      Description     Specs      Downloads     Contact Us     Sable Enables


  • Temperature control, from 3˚ C to 50˚ C ± 0.1° C
  • Automated light intensity (up to 400 LUX) and cycle management
  • Touch screen digital controller with integrated data memory
  • Can hold 16 mouse cages for the largest cage number of any cabinet
  • Pull-out shelves for easy setup and access to rodents
  • Dedicated air and communication lines for each cage eliminates clutter and minimizes error
  • Promethion Core is side mounted for the smallest possible footprint


Environmental Control Cabinet Integrated with Promethion Core

The CAB-8 and CAB-16 cabinets provide temperature and light control for Promethion Core rodent, metabolism and behavioral phenotyping systems. The CAB-8 is a single door configuration for 8 mouse cages or 4 rat cages. The CAB-16 is a two-door configuration for 16 mouse cages or 8 rat cages. The cabinets can house 33% more mouse cages than other systems.

The cabinets can be programmed to meet a wide range of experimental requirements with up to 100 changes in temperature and light intensity over the course of a study. Control and monitoring are available remotely or via the front-mounted 7” color touch screen display, allowing convenient device operation and information handling. Air and communication lines have dedicated internal connections to each cage, removing the likelihood of setup errors. Pull-out shelving provides easy experiment workflow: simple setup, quick access to rodents during an experiment, and simple removal for cleaning.

With Good Laboratory Practice in mind, the environmental cabinet event registry records user access (door opening/closing), cabinet light and temperature variation, system errors, and operator notes. User administration and pass protected login prevent unauthorized access. The system will alarm and provide email notification in event of error, assuring animal welfare compliance and adherence to the experimental design.

Above: The Environmental Control Cabinet includes a 7” touch screen display

The Promethion Core CGF (gas analyzers, air pumps, and computer) is side mounted on the cabinets for easy access and minimal system footprint. The Promethion Core Environmental Sensor Array (ESA) can be placed in the cabinet and will monitor the cabinet temperature, light, humidity, barometric pressure, and door opening while seamlessly integrating the data with the metabolic and behavioral data. The Promethion data can be securely accessed via wired or wireless Ethernet from the web based Promethion Live software.

View map of Promethion Core and Promethion Room Calorimetry academic installations


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Air convection Forced
Display 7″ full color touch screen
Temperature Range [°C] +3 to +50
Temperature Resolution Every [°C] 0.1
Over/Under Temperature Protection Class 3.3, Din 12880
Lighting LED strips 
Light Control 0-100%, 400 lux max.
Housing Acid-resistant stainless steel (DIN 1.4301) – brushed
Interior Acid-resistant stainless steel (DIN 1.4301) – brushed 
CAB-8 Dimensions 80.5 cm x 199 cm x 86 cm (W x H x D)
Chamber Capacity: 499 L
CAB-16 Dimensions 148 cm x 199 cm x 86 cm (W x H x D)
Chamber Capacity: 1,239 L
Door Types Solid stainless steel brushed door(s) standard; optional glass door(s) available upon request
Weight CAB-8: 115 kg; CAB-16: 185 kg
Power Requirements 2 options; 230V, 50Hz or 115V, 60Hz
Internal Auxiliary Power Socket 115/230V
Noise Level (dB) Outside Cabinet Background 50dB
Cooling 58dB
Warming 54dB


Promethion Core specifications available upon request


CAB-8 and CAB-16 Spec Sheet


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