Aging affects every aspect of physiology. Furthermore, genetics and behavior combine to affect aging and all of its effects; reduced cardiovascular capability, lower metabolism, weakened muscles and bones, and reduced cognition.

Metabolic and behavioral phenotyping plays a critical role in aging research as scientists  seek to understand the whys and hows of the aging process. The goals being to slow the aging process and increase the quality of life. Recent integrated research from model animals to humans has use metabolic and behavioral phenotyping to further understand the relationship of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes to aging.

Important System Considerations

  • Precise calorimetry, food and water intake measurements
  • High temporal resolution for circadian studies
  • Instrumentation scales from Drosophila to human
  • High-throughput and workflow efficiency
  • GLP compliant solutions, animal safety focus
  • Activity monitoring with Ethogram capability

Sable SOlutions

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