Sable Systems International is pleased to announce that Oxford University Press has released the 2nd Edition of “Measuring Metabolic Rates – A Manual for Scientists,” by John R.B. Lighton, PhD.  Dr. Lighton is Founder and Chief Scientist at Sable Systems. In 2008, Dr. Lighton wrote the first edition of the book, which today ranks as the most widely-read and referenced work on metabolic measurement.

The book includes detailed information and insights on the topics of respirometry, gas analysis, oxygen analysis, direct calorimetry, field metabolic rates, flow-through respirometry and data analysis. A broad range of equipment is discussed, including gas analyzers, flow meters, activity detectors, scrubbers, tubing and tubing connectors. The book is designed for a wide range of metabolic researchers, from beginner to advanced.

NEW: The entire text has been thoroughly updated, with new chapters on room calorimetry, human metabolic measurement, and metabolic phenotyping. An overview of this updated text, along with description, table of contents and author information, can be found at the Oxford University Press website:  Measuring Metabolic Rates – A Manual for Scientists

BACKGROUND:  In the mid-1980’s, Dr. Lighton was looking for a metabolic measurement system that could be used for his small-animal studies, which required extreme stability and resolution. The instrumentation available to him at that time was awkward and difficult to use – and results were not adequate; so he designed his own equipment. In 1987, Dr. Lighton founded Sable Systems International to provide scientists with integrated, lab- and field-tested metabolic measurement systems designed specifically for their use. Sable Systems quickly grew into the leading metabolic measurement company for researchers demanding quality instrumentation, system configuration expertise, study design know-how, and world class customer support.