LAS VEGAS, October 28, 2015 – Sable Systems International announces the Promethion Environmental Sensor Array (ESA) to provide surveillance over the experimental operating environment. The ESA enables researchers to determine if study conditions are within the desired range or even explain anomalies in the data. It can be teamed with any Sable Promethion system for use in a broad range of research, including mouse and rat metabolic phenotyping, and whole room calorimetry.

The ESA made its debut at the Neuroscience 2015 Meeting in Chicago, October 17-21. According to John Lighton, Sable President and Chief Scientist, “The ESA detects subtle or significant signals in the study environment that may influence research outcomes, allowing researchers to see and document possible triggers for anomalous animal or cellular behaviors that typically go unexplained. This tool provides scientists with an added level of accountability and trustworthiness in study results.”

The device works as an environmental “hexacorder”, capturing changes in humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, light, occupancy and sound. Information is integrated and synchronized with Sable’s Promethion MetaScreen, CaloScreen or SableScreen data collection and analysis software applications, allowing researchers to correlate environmental changes with study data.

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