Professor Kathryn E. Wellen presented with The Sable Award in Metabolic Physiology

Sable Systems International is happy to announce that Kathryn E. Wellen, PhD, is the inaugural recipient of The Sable Award for outstanding contributions to the field of metabolic physiology. Dr. Wellen is Associate Professor of Cancer Biology and Principal Investigator of the Wellen Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. She was selected by The Metabolic Physiology Meeting organizers, and they presented the award during the first Metabolic Physiology Meeting 2023 held at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

“Dr. Wellen was selected for her pioneering work defining the mechanisms by which cellular metabolic processes influence gene expression,” said Phillip White, PhD, meeting organizer. “I am honored to be presenting this prestigious new award and lecture to Dr. Wellen.” The Sable Award is presented with a $20,000 honorarium.

Dr. White also revealed that next year’s awardee will be selected from this year’s lineup of speakers at The Metabolic Physiology Meeting. Welcome Sable Class of 2024!

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