Promethion Metabolic Treadmill – Assembly

This instructional video demonstrates how to assemble and transport the Promethion Metabolic Treadmill made by Sable Systems International.

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Start your metabolic treadmill assembly with all the key components. The running chamber, the manifold lid, the tilting base, controller box, long litter tray, short litter tray, the flat and brush push rods with knob, 24-volt power supply, E-stop to controller power cable, and the DB-9 and DB-15 control and acquisition cables.

Place the tilting base on a secure, clear, level space. Set the controller box to the right and in front of the base. Position the running chamber over the tilting base and align the registration pins with the mounting holes. Insert the pins and make sure the running chamber is seated securely on the base. On the side rear, secure the chamber to the base with the thumb nut.

Insert the brush fitted push rod through the rod access port. Slide the handling knob over the push rod end. And secure in place with the set screw. Make sure the push rod slides back and forth with minimal resistance. Place the lid on top to enclose the running chamber. Insert the long litter tray into the front wall slot. Align the attachment screw and fix the tray in place. Insert the short litter tray into the side rear wall slot. Align the attachment screw and fix the tray in place.

Connect the 24-volt power supply to the E-stop switch. Connect the E-stop to the controller cable to the controller slot on the switch box. Then to the E-stop connection on the back of the controller box. Connect the DB-15 cable to the inclination assembly port on the controller box. And to the DB-15 port on the stationary board in the tilting base. This will be the wider port between the base uprights.

Next, take the motor power and control cables, connect the 15-pin plug into the motor control slot on the controller box, and the 4-pin plug into the motor power slot. Connect one end of the DB-9 cable to the stationary board, and the other end to the DB-9 slot on the running chamber. Finally, connect the power cable to the power supply.

The treadmill comes with 1 cm scale piano key and black on white 1 cm square grid backgrounds. In reverse, a pure black background and a white on black 1 cm square grid background. The background inserts slot into the side rear wall for visual cues to mice and to aid video analyses.

Prior to moving the treadmill, disconnect the power supply and disconnect all cables from the controller box. For optimal safety, use a sturdy lab trolley. Move the controller box to the lab trolley. Lift the treadmill onto the trolley. The safest way to lift an assembled treadmill is to place the dominant hand under the tilting plate. Use the other hand to secure and support the base during the lift. Lift and place the treadmill securely on the trolley. Move the trolley to the installation site.

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