Resetting the CA-10 analyzer to factory defaults

If you are having trouble getting a stable zero calibration, it may be necessary to reset the instrument to the factory default.

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If you have trouble setting a stable zero calibration, then it may be necessary to reset your CA-10 to its factory default. There are several possible causes for this problem. The foremost causes are: 1) Setting the zero calibration while a span gas is running through the analyzer, and 2) using the span mode to set a zero calibration. Those actions would disrupt the analyzer’s calibration procedure and will compromise any reliable CO2 measurements. Such situations will require a reset to the CA-10’s factory default settings.

So how do you reset a problematic CA-10? First, turn the analyzer off. Then hold the red ENTER button and turn the CA-10 on again. After a few seconds, the CA-10 will initiate its resetting process. It’ll start loading the factory calibration values. Once these values are loaded, the CA-10 should return to normal using its pre-user calibration settings. The reset analyzer can now be appropriately zeroed and spanned. Just to reiterate, do not set the zero calibration when the span gas is flowing through the CA-10. And do not use the span mode to set a zero calibration on the CA-10. Please calibrate responsibly.