Progress in the study of metabolomics has opened a new door to understanding the relationship between the microbiome and host. Rodent studies indicate that bidirectional signaling between the intestinal microbiome and the brain plays an important role in the regulation of both metabolism and behavior. Therefore, understanding the role the gut microbiome plays in changing metabolism and behavior will help to understand metabolic disorder associated disease progression and potential treatments.

Important System Considerations

  • Metabolic measurement
  • Behavioral measurement including food and water intake
  • Trace specific nutrients through metabolic pathways
  • Controlled environment
  • Food and water access control
  • Methane measurement

Sable SOlutions

Promethion Core Line

The new Promethion Core™ is the first and only metabolic and behavioral measurement system that utilizes modern digital and computer technology to deliver the highest resolution data regardless of study size. This enables greater statistical power with fewer…
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Stable Isotope Gas Analyzer

Continuous measurement of 13C and 18O isotopes in exhaled breath The new Stable Isotope Gas Analyzer is a cutting-edge upgrade to our standard Promethion™ systems, allowing simultaneous measurement of stable isotope tracers synchronously with the Promethion data stream…
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