Circadian Rhythms of Food Intake: Are You Seeing The Whole Picture?


This webinar was held on March 19, 2015 

Join Dr. John Lighton, PhD and InsideScientific for an exclusive webinar focused on metabolism and its relation to behavioral studies in the mouse model.

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“Micro-intake events” can comprise between 20% to 50% of total feeding events in C57BL/6 mice on a 12H/12H circadian cycle.  Given that each event  corresponds to a decision to initiate intake followed by rapid satiety and termination of feeding behavior, what is the relevance of these gustatory signals to the brain?  And how does one measure the outcome?

Animal behavior and metabolism are traditionally measured using very different techniques operating at divergent timescales that are often poorly, if at all, synchronized.  This makes analyzing meaningful correlations between metabolic measurements, intake events and animal behavior difficult or virtually impossible.  To address this challenge, Sable Systems thought out the design of an integrated metabolic and behavioral monitoring system that would no only provide researchers the collective measurement capabilities needed by also introduce a re-thinking of current best practices.

In addition to presenting essential physiology concepts, Dr. Lighton demonstrates the power of synchronized data acquisition with temporal resolution and precision that can extract unprecedented detail from circadian cycles of behavior and metabolism.



John Lighton, PhD
President & Chief Scientist
Sable Systems International