Webinar: The Future of Metabolic Phenotyping: Using data bandwidth to maximize N, analytical flexibility and reproducibility

This Webinar was held on September 29, 2016 - An essential webinar for metabolic and behavioral researchers requiring detailed time courses and accurate correlation of energy expenditure and activity. We show the relevance of high-bandwidth metabolic measurement synchronized with intake and other behavioral data. Methods matter. In metabolic measurement, confidence in reproducible results relies heavily [...]

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Webinar: Metabolism and its relation to behavioral studies in the mouse model.

Circadian Rhythms of Food Intake: Are You Seeing The Whole Picture? This webinar was held on March 19, 2015 Join Dr. John Lighton, PhD and InsideScientific for an exclusive webinar focused on metabolism and its relation to behavioral studies in the mouse model.Click here for webinar video and slideshow“Micro-intake events” can comprise between 20% to 50% of total feeding [...]

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