Rat GRID System

Rat GRID System

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  • Quantify group-dependent phenotypes
  • Promethion highest resolution and accuracy
  • Individual animal food and water intake
  • Applications include food and water intake, choice or restriction studies; comparative diet studies; and circadian studies


Group-housed Rodent Intake Detection (GRID)

Individual Food and Water Intake, with Access Control

The new Promethion Rat GRID system provides automated analysis of ingestive behavior for up to 6 rats in a single spacious cage. Individual animal intake events are identified using RFID technology via a standard 134 kHz passive integrated transponder (PIT) tag inserted under each animal’s skin. Food and water can be restricted with the use of AC-2 access control doors. Promethion instrumentation provides industry-best precision and accuracy, with second-by-second data resolution. Applications include intake, choice, restriction, comparative diet and circadian studies.


The IM-3 web interface software provides recording and control of all operation of the IM-3 Module and Promethion Core™ cage sensors. System status and data files can be accessed from authorized web-enabled devices including cell phones, tablets and laptops. 

The IM-3 web interface allows remote access to real-time data for convenient animal welfare checks, without the need to enter the room or disturb experiments during the recording process. Individual food and water budgets are automatically calculated with Sable intake analysis software.

Food/Water Hoppers

Standard Promethion rat food and water hoppers are used with this cage. Two access control doors for either food or water can be attached to the system. Multiple food grille styles are available for different animal diets. The food and water hoppers are magnetically mounted for ease of use and reduction in technician time when changing food or water. The MM2 system provides 0.002 g resolution for up to 10x improvement over competing systems in detection of microfeeding and drinking events.

These graphs demonstrate three days of food and water intake data using the GRID-R system inhabited by two adult rats previously injected with 12mm RFID tags.


System Accessories

Food Hopper

Standard Sable food hopper can be customized with several different grill choices.  Magnetic mounts make it easy to remove the hopper for cleaning and reinstall.

Specialized Grilles

Specialized grilles from left to right include:

A. High Fat
B. Easy Access
C. Non-Cacheing

AC-2 Access Control Unit

GRID system can run two AC-2 units simultaneously with food and/or water access control.


MM2 Mass Measurement Module

Up to four MM2’s, each having 0.002 g resolution, can be used with any combination of food and water hoppers.

134.2kHz PIT Tag

Under-skin passive integrated transponder tag inserted at the rat’s neck enables individual animal monitoring via RFID technology. 

ESA Environmental Sensor Array

The ESA monitors room humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, light, occupancy and sound.

View map of Promethion Core and Promethion Room Calorimetry academic installations


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