Progress in science is driven by scientists. The tools life scientists use, however, are frequently designed by people whose foundations are from outside the lab; people who lack a true understanding of both the researcher and of scientific research itself. This leads to sub-optimal tools, and even the best scientists can be limited by flawed tools.

Sable Systems International is eliminating the disconnect between scientists and the people who develop their instruments. We merge authoritative expertise in metabolic physiology and biophysics with an inventive spark to create precision tools for metabolic measurement, neurophysiology and environmental science.

Sable Systems International is the world leader for precision metabolic measurement, providing the tools, expertise and training that enable scientific discovery. True scientific discovery that not only creates data, but creates understanding. By scientists, for scientists, Sable enables results that impact research and industry breakthroughs. Sable Systems instrumentation has been cited in hundreds of published studies, as shown on our Publications page.

SABLE SCIENCE: The spectrum of applications that can benefit from Sable Systems solutions is vast – from animal biology to pharmaceutical safety testing, human exercise energetics to insect metabolism, and atmospheric monitoring and control. The principles are elegantly simple: measure and control O2, CO2, H2O, methane, pressure and temperature – and do it very well. Our compact, turnkey solutions for high-resolution gas analysis and control, respirometry, indirect calorimetry and animal behavior measurement produce high-definition results.

We develop instrumentation for these fields and applications because they are dear to us. It is what we are born from. Sable Systems was founded because we ourselves couldn’t find the tools that were good enough to truly fuel our scientific discovery. This is why we place an unrelenting focus on quality – one that results in data you can trust.

SABLE SERVICE: We promise responsive expert service and support, world-leading accuracy and efficient integration of instrumentation for ease of use. When we were in your position, we would have expected no less.